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EPISODE 42: Breaking the Shame: Owning Your Sexy with Craig Cassey

June 9, 2021

We are so excited to welcome you to the forty-second episode!

BEing is where we are making podcasts come alive through what we call “experiential podcasting”. Each episode we will provide our listeners with new, valuable content through our own experiences that you can practice, integrate, and learn about to apply in your own life. It is our commitment to offer inspiring, insightful content that awakens your mind, body and spirit as a transformative experience.

In this episode, Bethany and Erin continue the conversation around breaking the shame, this time with our sexuality! They speak to Craig Cassey, a brilliant Ontological Sex and Relationship Coach, who shares his own experiences and how he supports his clients in working through a transformation for themselves and within their relationships. They discuss:

  • One of the common themes he sees within humans that we can be liberated from within the scope of sexuality,
  • His own experiences in releasing shame in his life and how he supports his clients in releasing shame within this topic,
  • How he supports couples, individuals, and people of all identifications and how it may differ,
  • How to address sensitive topics such as abuse within this topic, plus more knowledge and wisdom you don't want to miss!

To connect with Craig, follow him on IG: @craigcasseyjr, Twitter: @akaCoachCraig or visit his website:

Tune in for the "Intuitive Hits" after episode where Bethany and Erin read Craig Cassey!

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